Last week the Guardian carried a piece about a report by the consultants Conchango that classifies web users into five different categories.  While not too keen on being sterotyped they did ring true. So here they are again.

The Digital Authentic – uses a TV for watching TV, uses the web for finding information and not entertainment.

Media Explorers – not terribly confident using technology and don’t tend to carry gadgets around.

Immersed Dwellers – only a third do not create their  own content, a fifth have their own blog and 15% upload to YouTube.  They are likely to have a laptop and carry an MP3 player, and complain about lack of compatability.

Chanel Zapper – always at the forefront of new technology, and too busy consuming content to create it.  They buy magazines like NME and i-D and are heavy users of things like Sky+ .

Social Uploaders – friends and community are the most important for this group.  The mobile hone is the most important item for this group and especially use the camera to take and upload to their social network.

So which one are you – I think I’m sure where I am but will stay quiet for now on that one.