Yesterday I went with some visitors from Tokyo to Ingleton to do the Waterfalls Walk. This is a spectacular and beautiful walk of four and a half miles past some wonderful examples of falling water. Why we find water so fascinating is a continuing wonder to me, but there is no doubt that we do. The walk goes up the River Twist and then across some moorland and down the River Doe.

It was pretty busy as lots of other people had the same idea as us – after all the rain the falls would be pretty full and we were right. It costs £4 each. Some people complain at this but it has been a commercial enterprise since it was first established in 1885.


I have a local guide book from 1895 which says ‘This is perhaps the most romantic four miles of glen and mountain scenery to be found in our broad-acred county’ It also mentions that the ‘Improvement Committee’ had done ‘wonders in opening out the two glens, in clearing a road and in laying down paths and constructing “staircases” and bridges for safe and easy exploration. … this necessitates a small charge being levied on all persons visiting the glens.’

Our Japanese visitors really enjoyed it and of course we finished in a tea shop.