I don’t often mention tv programmes but last night’s Richard Dawkins documentary was a delight. He was looking at some paranormal phenomena, and those who purport to be able to perform them.  So he got some dowsers, mediums, astrologers and other promoters of hokum.  He then asked them to do their stuff in the presence of rigorous scientific judges.  Astonishingly none of them could reproduce their results under these conditions.  One poor woman who had just got the statistical average for finding water using dowsing techniques was quite astonished and simpered ‘It means I really can’t do this!’.  Poor deluded souls, it was cruel of him really, they are harmless.   However, perhaps it is the scientific community that needs to do a bit of ‘soul searching’ as people are simply not engaged with the science as much as new age mysticism or other such nonsense.  It is a sad fact that these books outsell science books three to one.