I see I have been named ‘blog of the day’ on Fuelmyblog. This is accessed by the widget in the left hand column which asks you to ‘Fuel my blog’. I actually find this rather cumbersome as you have to register and then log in each time you may want to vote for a blog. Looking at statistics for this blog the wordpress ones, indicate that I’m getting about 80-100 hits a day with 6 over 100 in the last month. The statcounter statistics – again accessed via a widget in the left hand column (at the bottom) show I have an average of 82 hits daily with the actual number varying from the wordpress figures by up to 20. The statcounter also gives you a map showing the worldwide location and ISP for each hit. It is slightly more detailed than the Clustrmaps which shows all the hits globally. So hello, Hawaii, India, Argentina and Iraq amongst others.

All these mean that someone somewhere has clicked onto the blog, not read it but for example, just done a Google image search for ‘Morecambe bookshop’ and the post on books appears. It makes for interesting reading. WordPress also gives you a list of the search terms that have lead a reader to your blog – so the latest were ‘wasp sting pics’, lauren Conrad house’ (no idea) and ‘Appleby Horse Fair 2007’ (I get a lot of those!) and ‘kiosk handbags’. It shows what a fickle and slippery world marketing is, as it is difficult to anticipate what it is that will fire the imagination of the viewer. So 8591 and counting.