This weekend sees the annual TV Festival in Edinburgh as part of its International Arts Festival.  The BBC’s Editors blog is asking viewers for their opinions on the state of television in the UK after all the revelations about fakery within the medium.  There are already over a hundred postings on there with some pretty forceful opinions being put forward.  I’ve put my thoughts on there and thought I’d put them down here.  Needless to say they are a list of dislikes.

News anchor to correspondent on location ‘So its been a particularly difficult day today for the Government, Mark’ – Correspondent ‘Yes Hugh, its has been a particularly difficult day for the Government’ or any other subject that they are reporting on – it’s lazy and it’s patronising for the viewer.

BBC news trailling a programme scheduled for later that day as if it was a news item.  ‘A Panorama team have discovered … ‘  That isn’t news, it’s advertising.

Previewing short clips from a programme to keep us interested.  I want to see a story unfold, I don’t want to be told half way through what is going to be happening in 15 minutes time.

No more celebrity pancake making on ice or whatever – enough already!

Whew – nothing like a good rant.  If you want to have your say and Peter Barron who is one of the organisers of the Festival says he will take the comments to the 2,000 great and good who make our TV, go to the Editors blog and let rip.