I’ve had the most horrendous cold and sore throat for the last week and it isn’t diminishing much yet. I’ve managed to dose myself up to attend a couple of meetings but other than that have just festered. The nights are the most interesting, I think I must have been a bit feverish as some point as I was cross with the BBC World Service for broadcasting the RSS Feed instead of the news. I checked – it was me. Later I heard a cross dressing Pakistani television presenter announcing that Benazir Bhutto was his role model – this in fact turned out to be true. Begum Nawazish Ali has taken Pakistan by storm with a flirty skirty chat show.

One piece that did interest me was on the Outlook programme (on about 3 am if you are an insomniac looking for something to do rather than just cough and splutter). It was about a young Dutch actress who is travelling from The Netherlands to the Southpole on a tractor. Her name is Manon Ossevoort and she is currently back in Europe to promote her book.


Her tractor is currently being guarded by two Masai warriors in a yard in Dar Es Salaam. Her name in Kiswahili is Mama Tinga Tinga (Tractor lady). She was adopted by a puppy in Kosovo who is appropriately named – Kosovo and he has been with her ever since. At 20 Km an hour it is and will continue to be a long and slow journey.


She intends to continue to Cape Town, then take a boat to Antarctica and walk to the South Pole. I believe she has someone driving the tractor in Antarctica. Her English diary is here and it contains loads of photos of her journey though the rest of the information, the WarChild charity and her sponsors are all in Dutch – so you’ll need a throat transplant to read it. Perhaps that’s what I need?