A great story was reported in New Scientist yesterday about crocodiles swimming long distances. They are normally seen basking on river banks and only showing short bursts of energy as they lurch into the water to grab some unfortunate for dinner. However, in 2004 the University of Queensland, with the help of the late Steve Irwin captured 3 large saltwater crocs from the coastal areas. They were then transported by helicopter 56, 99 or 126 Km away and after being fitted with a satellite tracking device, released. They all behaved in much the same way, exploring their new habitats for a few weeks, then having looked around, decided that there was no place like home. They took between 5 and 20 days to swim back to where they had been initially captured. Even the scientists were astonished that they were able to swim for days at a time. How they navigated is also a mystery. The policy of rehoming ‘rogue crocs’ is now being revised.