Tonight the Ilkely Literature Festival starts and its headline opener is Alistair Campbell. He will be talking about ‘The Blair Years’ diaries and hopefully answering questions from the audience and yes I’m going. I think I’ll re-read the section from the summer of 2003 when Andrew Gilligan triumphantly announced that the Iraq dossier had been ‘sexed up’ on the Today programme which tragically lead to Dr Kelly’s suicide, the Hutton Report and Campbell’s eventual resignation. This is obviously an on-going and bitter row between the two men as Gilligan has a strong attack on Campbell today on Comment is Free, part of the Guardian. I’m sure the audience at Ilkely will have some questions to ask about this. I also wonder if he can be persuaded to talk of stuff that is not in the diaries, the Tony/Gordon relationship.

A final note, I received a request to join a Facebook group supporting the monks of Burma. If you haven’t yet signed up it is here. Over 78,000 members so far and growing fast.