I promise this is the last time I’m going to post about this man. I went to the opening night of the Ilkley Literature Festival which started with a drinks and canapes reception for those who were friends of the festival. The evening took the form of a question and answer session with Baroness Lockwood a Yorkshire labour party activist asking the questions. It didn’t start too well as she asked why he hadn’t mentioned that he had spent a year at Bradford Grammar School. He kindly explained that the book started in 1994 when he became Tony Blair’s press secretery. He was funny, insightful and charming. In whatever way he is portrayed in the media, he was nothing of that. There was no sign of the anger which is an obvious presence in a lot of the book. At the end he took questions from the audience which varied from ‘what next’ to ‘ what job would you have given Claire Short’.  He said he would be on the side of caution if he were advising Brown in the question of whether to call a snap election and was fiercely loyal to Tony Blair.

He finished with a lovely statement which I thought my pal Kev would like – ‘If you read the Daily Mail, then don’t’ It was a great evening, and I’m really glad I went.