I was on a training course in York yesterday and it was a nice treat to be able to walk down to my local station and catch the train.


It was a lovely misty morning so thought I’d take a photo of the sun rising over the Johnson and Johnson (Wound Management) Factory.

Once in York I was a bit early for the start so took the time to walk around the Minster. What a spectacular building and it was nice to see the whole frontage – the last time I was there it was covered in scaffolding.


In fact the last time I was there a student in our party who when upset, had a tendancy to take off his shoes and hurl them as far as he could – did just that and a clergyman in full regalia (not sure if that is the right term) did a flying leap worthy of David Seaman and caught it mid air. It is one of those postcard moments that will stay with you forever.