I heard from Althea that Maria who is in charge of the Amani Womens’ Workshop got married yesterday. Maria is possibly one of the most stunningly beautiful young women I’ve ever met. See for yourself.

This really doesn’t do her justice. I wish her and her new husband all the love and luck in the world. Hopefully, someone will have taken photos and they will let me have a copy. Some news out of Tukae would be nice – we can’t publicise stuff if we don’t know it!

More news – Vicky Scarth who is a friend of Katie Richards (who I think is still out at Emau Hill) has set herself a challenge to lose weight and do it for charity and her chosen charity is Tukae.


She has set up a Just Giving page and there is a Facebook group you can join to encourage her. She’s hoping to raise £2,500 so please go along and sponsor her. Actually thinking about this – do you sponsor someone once they’ve lost the weight, or add bits as it comes off? Hmm – I think I’d go down the bit by bit route – how about £10 for every half stone? So good luck Vicky you’re a real trouper!