Well I’m back from yet another conference and this one really was entirely forgettable. I’m a very old fashioned girl and the only way I can engage in something like this is to make notes. I mean real – pencil and paper notes. Suffice to say I think I wrote something like 4 lines of comments in the whole two days. Despite the rather weird and wonderful organisation at HandHeld Learning I did scribble at least 5 pages worth of stuff. The more you go to these events the more critical you become and unless it is something really exceptional you tend to be a bit jaded. By the afternoon session yesterday I was slowly losing the will to live and posted a message to that effect up to jaiku. Dave S bless him sent the following which caused me to convulse in hysteria (bear in mind I was very very bored! and in the farting in church type mentality loved this) – “Note from mum: To whoever it may concern, please let our Lisa go home now, she has a headache and needs to lie down. Lisa’s mum”