I’ve had a couple of short emails from Steve in Tanzania with news of the goings on at Emau Hill. The composting toilets are now up and running, though I’m not sure that is the appropriate word! This means that the area in front of the dining banda can be marketed as a camp site and they are getting income from travellers camping there.


I presume this area next to the tented bandas will be the campsite.

The extension to the Women’s workshop is being built. This will be great for the team there as they will be able to source plain fabrics and dye and finish them themselves, making a unique product for them to sell.

The malaria project is going well with over £2,000 raised so far in this country and Steve tells me he will be starting to distribute treated bed nets this week. This will make a dramatic difference to the lives of the people there. Steve has had malaria in the last few months and Hilda and another member of staff are just recovering. Malaria is a devastating illness and kills three quarters of a million children every year. Providing treated bednets will reduce the incidence of malaria in both children and adults.