There was a comment from Althea on yesterday’s post regarding the future staffing of the Amani women’s workshop extension.  They are on the look out for a qualified person to teach Batik techniques.  The person would have to be a volunteer and pay their way and there is no electricity so it would certainly be a challenge.  However there is fresh running water (in the stream down the hill) and a brand new workshop and it is in a beautiful part of the world with just delightful people.  Steve would really like someone who could also develop design skills and take inspiration from the natural environment.  I’d do it myself if I could leave work and oh yes, do batik!  If anyone is interested you can contact the Tukaepartners site or just leave me a message on Facebook.

On a seperate note you can order books and gifts from Amazon through the Tukae partners site and a small percentage goes to Tukae.