Well here we are at the end of October and I’m delighted to say that for the first time we’ve had over 3,000 hits in one month. The stats for the blog are slowly improving and in fact without the Appleby Horse Fair posts in May and June I think we would still be languishing in the 20 or 30 hits a day. They are still the most popular posts even now 5 months later. The progress is steady and we had the highest day so far last week with 144 hits, so I’m pleased.


The above shows the monthly hits from when we started in January this year. You can also see a stats analysis if you hit the statcounter logo at the bottom of the left hand side bar. This will also give you details of locations of viewers. Although this blog started as just a report on my visit to Tanzania in the spring, it has sort of grown and incorporated my work, family and just stuff I’m interested in. So please, if you are a first time visitor or a regular – please come back again.

Lisa – with CottonKnickers