I went to York on the train yesterday to see a demonstration of an ePortfolio product called PebblePad. I had seen one before but wasn’t too keen as it had been customised and wasn’t what I thought an eportfolio should be. However, having seen the real thing I was impressed.

For those unaware, an eportfolio is just what it says on the tin – so instead of having a great big lever arch file full of plastic folders and sheets of paper giving evidence of your achievement, learning, attainment or even attendance at an event, it is all evidenced electronically. The evidence can all be tagged (good, I like tagging not being a very ordered person) and linked and a ‘webfolio’ can be produced to suit the audience. The contents are private and each owner can choose which bits they use to enhance their case.  So as accompanying evidence for a job application for example you would put emphasis on one aspect of your work, but would highlight a different one for application for membership of a professional body. Evidence can range from a blog, thoughts, action plans, profile or graphics and much more. It was originally designed with Higher education students in mind but has been used for primary learners.

I keep most of my work notes in a ‘tiddlywiki’ which although useful, does have its drawbacks – you can’t upload large files for example, so I’m particularly pleased that one outcome of yesterday’s event is that we get a free PebblePad account. I’ll certainly be trialling it and am keen to look at the accessibility of it.

It was also great to meet colleagues from other parts of the North of England again – the Northern Alliance is doing well.