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As part of the Consumer Electronics Show next week in Las Vegas, Bill Gates is to answer questions put to him by readers of the BBC News website.  So if you want to know why he ever thought that *&^%$ paperclip was a good idea or what is the logic of pressing start to close a machine down, go ahead.  I’ve already sent one question in about his philanthropic foundation work on malaria in Africa.  The answers will be posted on the BBC news website.


There is a report on the BBC website today on the effect of the film Miss Potter starring Renee Zellweger on tourists numbers.  Apparently visitors to the ‘World of Beatrix Potter’ were up by 35% and Mountain Goat tours had a 40% increase in taking their tours.

At the risk of sounding like an old cynic this is just depressing to me.  The numbers of visitors are now so great that paths down the fells are more like 6 lane motorways and some of the once beautiful villages are more like a Peter Rabbit theme park.  If anyone can remember the Lake District of 30 years ago, the place is now a cartoon of itself.  I know this isn’t particularly inclusive but I for one agree with Mr McGregor, Peter Rabbit should have gone into the pie!

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