It’s been a busy couple of weeks getting ready to hold a conference last Monday in Manchester.  The venue was the City of Manchester Stadium (home of Manchester City Football Club) and I was mortified to discover that the keynote speaker we had booked was a season ticket holder at the other club – United.  She was very gracious and only made a passing reference to their six nil drubbing of Newcastle at the weekend.  The day went well and was well attended and it was interesting for us to have a different audience than we are used to.  We members of the ‘elearning circuit’ for want of a better phrase, tend to talk to the same people – the converted as it were.  We talk to ILT managers or other advisers, consultants etc.  This conference was for learning support and senior managers from FE colleges in the North West and it became clear early in the day that we were making assumptions of knowledge that wasn’t there.  TechDis were fantastic as always, stayed for the whole day and just added their expertise along the way.

These things don’t happen overnight and thankfully we have a fabulous events organiser and a great team who all helped out.  Thanks guys.  Looking at the evaluation forms yesterday it seems the main complaint was – there wasn’t any pudding.  As the first to complain if the food isn’t good I can understand this, but if that is the main gripe, it must have been ok?