I’ve just discovered this site – yes yes another social networking site but with a difference. EQ connect is a network for those who are ‘passionate about ecological and economic sustainability – and music’. It already has music videos and documentaries embedded and there are scheduled live shows – though they will probably be at Oregon time so in the middle of the night in the UK.

It’s based on the Ning networking facility, something that is used extensively in education circles but they’ve really customised it. It has far more functionality than Facebook and as far as I can see no-one has yet tried to send me a tin of cat food, or Zombie bite or asked me to see which Teletubby I resemble. I have all of 3 friends on there so far, my pal Kev who found it in the first place, 1giantleap who have their own network and of course the founder of the network – quelle surprise. So if you care to join me I’m LisaValentine and my homepage is here.

Further news – Jamie and Duncan who did the first 1GiantLeap project have posted that they have been scheduled on Channel 4 television from 23 April for 7 weeks.  The new project is called ‘What About Me?’ and it’s about how insane we all are, needy in relationships, insatiable in desire, wounded by birth, avoiding all pain with happy pills, and unable to stop thinking.  And of course next Friday (29 Feb) is One Giant Leap Day.