Penguin books have launched a new initiative to tell six different stories in six weeks, using Google maps. Yes I did write that. The first one is available now and is called The 21 Steps – a homage to The 39 Steps by John Buchan. “One minute, Rick Blackwell is sightseeing at St. Pancras in London; the next, he’s caught up in a conspiracy that takes him far away from home. Rick needs to use all his skills to find out why a dying stranger seemed to know his name – and to stay alive”.

It’s an interesting exercise and I enjoyed it. On the longer journeys, my screen didn’t update quickly enough, but that is more likely a fault of my PC rather than the technology and be patient in Chapter 4 – you do get there eventually.  There will be six stories altogether, the next one will be available on Tuesday 25 March. This would make a great tool for teaching and learning.