YouTube have announced the winners of the most popular clips on their site for 2007 as voted for by viewers. At the same time Professor Michael Wesch from Kansas State University, who produced the ‘Vision of Students today’ video has produced some statistics for the site. Total video uploads as of January 28th this year – 70 million, March 13th 77.4 million and March 17th 78.3 million – suggesting that 150,000 to 200,000 are uploaded each day. They did a short breakdown of categories from a sample – the details of which are here, and came up with some interesting figures.

The time to watch all content, as of 17 March would be 412.3 years.

Amateur content – 80.3%

Uploads probably in violation of copyright – 12%

Average age of uploader 26.57

This is an ongoing piece of research and you can see the wiki for the project here.