We had a really good day yesterday at Haydock Park Racecourse. So actually no horses just a course, but it was a lovely venue with brilliant views over the track. The subject of the day was ‘Choosing and using an eportfolio’ and it was well attended. The keynote speaker was Graham Attwell from Pontydysgu – Bridge to Learning and was just superb. We got some really good feedback on the day and I ran around getting some audio feedback so will hopefully get a vox pop together giving a flavour of the event. It was also great to see some delegates from Specialist Colleges. My colleague John Dalziel did a couple of the workshops and produced two eMagazine supplements to go with them – Using Free Tools and Personal Development Planning. One free product that he used was Tiddlywiki, something I use all the time for recording and reflection.

The night before was memorable, as always with a team night out and we won the pub quiz, but had to trade the prize of 8 pints of beer (at 11.30 at night after closing time!) for a bottle of wine.