Today the newest project from Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman is aired on Channel 4 at unfortunately silly o clock – 12.05 am. It’s called What About Me? and follows the 1GiantLeap idea in getting people from all over the world to talk, sing or play music to a beat or in reply to some previous singing or music. The latest trailer is here and the trailer for the first episode Bombardment is here.

The synopsis for Bombardment says “The backing track for this chapter was written one windy night in my van in Cadaques Spain. I had copied the riff from a sample of some Thai instrument. Sounded very different on my guitar, and as I played it to other musicians around the world it took on a whole new sound.”

Thanks goodness that Channel 4 also has a play again service so I’ll be watching it later on 4od.

And why not – here’s a taste of the first album.