In my daily commute to the office I have to drive through the village of Wray about 12 miles from Lancaster. Actually it’s full name is Wray with Bottom so there’s bound to be some eccentricity there. I nearly vered off the road last week when I realised that every other house had some sort of guy or scarecrow in the garden or by the roadside. When I saw this, I did slow down.

The sign by the road said ‘Sir Edmund Hillary conquers Everest’.

It is the annual Wray Scarecrow Festival – of course. I looked up the village and as well as being the first wireless hotspot village in England they also host maggot races! One of the photos in that previous link is captioned ‘Ladies Day at the Maggot Races’. How fantastically essentially English it all is.  There is even a game to swat last year’s winners.

You thought the Simpsons lived in Springfield – well you were wrong. More photos on the BBC website are here.