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I’ve just read that there is a bug in Excel 2007 and if you multiply 850 by 77.1 it will give you the answer 10,000.  So in the course of scientific research I tried it and it does.  Change it to 77.2 and you get the correct answer of 65620.  Apparently any multiplication with the result 65535 is at risk, though I cannot find any other combinations – well in the 5 minutes that I tried.  Come on Bill you can do better than this.


We have some ducklings on the river behind us. The mother did start off with about 10 but they are unfortunately down to about 4. Lorna actually saw Mum crossing the road with them all waddling behind her. I know it would be disastrous if they all survived as there are probably five times as many on the canal also and we would be over run with ducks, but I do hope some of them make it.


They are just so funny when they sort of run over the surface of the water when they are in a hurry.

TOPP stands for Tracking of Pacific Predators and is the parent organisation of the recent Great Turtle Race.  (Well done Billy for winning – Genevieve came seventh but did manage a massive 37 minute dive on the way).  They don’t only track turtles but sharks, seals and sea lions, whales and sea birds.  The tracking devices don’t affect them and are designed to fall off after about 18 months.  They are giving the scientists fantastic data on what these animals do and where they go.  They have a blogg detailing the work they are doing out in the field – or in most cases on the ice.  There is a team at the moment in the Antarctic tagging crabeater seals – no I hadn’t heard of them either.


I’ve just pinched this great photo from the blog – of moonrise in Antarctica.

I was told about this at a workshop earlier this week.  It’s a bit like Twitter but cooler and you can post from your phone – even if it isn’t a really cool phone like Kevin, who can blog, make dinner and even extract your appendix with his phone!  Anyway – – join up and  join me – user name lisav.

I was talking to the owner of a great shop in Skipton yesterday. It is called Dreamers and sells ethical and fair trade goods. They are hoping to become a member of the British Association of Fair Trade Shops so are only buying from accredited sources. She’s really interested in the bags from the Women’s workshop but we need to get a regular supply sorted and a Fair Trade accreditation. So just a bit of work there then.

They stock some fantastic stuff and I treated myself to some jewellery from Bali – very nice.

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t take any where near enough photos, even though I came back with over 250. Althea has kindly sent me some of hers and here are a couple of great ones taken in the market in Tanga.


Unfortunately, I don’t know who the guys are but on my first visit there I think I mentioned before the stall holder gave me a bag of passion fruit – delicious.


I think this gives a good idea of the range and style of produce. Those green things in the foreground are oranges by the way. They are just as juicy and sweet as the ones we get but not ‘treated’ to make them go orange.

Here are a couple of video links. The first one, the book, you may have seen it’s been around on Youtube, for a couple of months now but is worth revisiting as I think it is very funny, especially if like me you have to spend time trying to explain new technology to people.

The second one is also about technology but more informative. It is said there are two types of Internet user, those who use RSS and those who don’t. I couldn’t imagine not using it but if you think I’m talking techie jargon, check out this video which explains is so well and clearly, no jargon, no clever stuff, just a very imaginative way of putting a really geeky thing across. It is worth spending 5 minutes watching it.

I mentioned before, that I wished that I had taken some photos of the families washing by the rivers. Well fortunately for me Althea already had and she has sent me some of hers.


This is Mama Ade who was one of the health workers at Emau Hill (another photo I didn’t take!). She lived in the house next door to the Women’s Workshop.


They wear such beautiful and colourful clothes it is a real sight to see them all spread out on the rocks to dry near the river.

I was visiting the University yesterday and popped in to the Peter Scott Gallery. There is a new exhibition there – ‘Spotlight on St Ives‘ exploring three decades of art after the second world war, inspired by the landscapes of west cornwall. I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t realised that St Ives was on the North Cornish coast – such ignorance! It is great and includes work by Barbara Hepworth and is a travelling exhibition from the Hayward.

On a seperate note, Althea and some friends are doing a sponsored walk around Newquay, which I’m pretty certain is not near St Ives.  They have a just giving page here.


Well today is a very special day – yes it is the Queen’s birthday, and as my mother predicted that they would put flags out when her first baby was born, so it came to pass. It just happened that the baby’s birth co-incided with the heir to the throne’s 21st birthday! So far more importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!. Yes I think we can safely say that he is officially an old man now – bus pass is in the post sweetie!

Have a fantastic day and a great party tonight, sorry I can’t be with you but my love and thoughts are there.

Mwaaaaa xxxxx

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