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We are very fortunate to have an excellent theatre in the City and we try to go to most productions there.  Earlier this year we saw ‘The Hounding of David Oluwale’ about the death of a Nigerian immigrant in Leeds in 1969, and then last month saw Lenny Henry as Othello, both very powerful and moving plays.  Last week however, it was something much lighter and very funny.  ‘When we are Married’ was written by J B Priestley in the 1930’s but set in 1908.  It is in the fictional West Yorkshire town of Clecklywyke and features 3 happily married couples on the day of their 25th wedding anniversary.  It soon becomes apparent that perhaps they may not be married after all.  The cast portrayed very strong Yorkshire characters, fine upstanding men – ‘big in the Chapel’ and strong willful women. However, there were moments when a couple of the women were more Les Dawson than meaningful characters though I suppose it is likely that Les Dawson drew on the play for ‘Sissy and Ada’.  Nevertheless it was a good and very enjoyable performance and well worth the visit.


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